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This Sunday, I’m going to be on television!

Peachtree TV contacted me last week to ask if I’d like to be interviewed about extended breastfeeding. I said yes, of course. Because I’m an exhibitionist and want to be famous. Just kidding. Because I want to help normalize breastfeeding.

Actually, I’m only half-kidding about the famous part. So please, watch the show. It will be available online at some point, and I will post the video if they send it to me like I asked them to. But if you’re in Atlanta and you have local tv, watch it Sunday morning on CBS. The show is called Public Affairs, and it airs for half an hour starting at 10:30. The leader of the local Attachment Parenting International group was also interviewed, along with a pediatrician.

I’m pretty sure they’re going to make me look extreme and crazy. And I know the pediatrician said at least one thing that was just plain wrong (I talked to her in the parking lot and got her to backtrack on her on-air statements). But I’ll wait till after you see the show to say more. Check here on my blog on Sunday for a rare weekend post in which I’ll counter what she says!