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I can’t believe I’m finding this out by reading the blog, but this is super exciting news. Atlanta Diaper Service is now offering all-in-one, pocket, and hybrid diapers as options for the diaper service. Let me tell you why this is so cool.

1. There’s nothing more convenient than using a diaper service. You think disposables are convenient? No way. With disposables you have to take out the trash and run to the store when you run out. With a cloth diaper service, all you do is put the dirty diapers in your diaper pail and put the pail on your porch once a week. In the middle of the night, the diaper service comes and replaces it with a bag of clean diapers. It’s like magic.

2. Most diaper services only offer prefolds or fitteds because they’re easier to wash. (Loads of Joy is another service on the south side of Atlanta that offers pockets.) Having more options is fun.

3. Pockets are trimmer than prefolds or fitteds. They also have a wicking inner layer, so they’re better for times when you want to be able to leave the diaper on a little longer, like overnight. Unlike cotton prefolds and fitteds, your baby won’t feel wet cotton right against his skin. Many all-in-ones are also trimmer than prefolds.

4. All-in-ones are the easiest type of cloth diaper to use, especially for families who are switching from disposables. Unlike prefolds, which require a little bit of folding, or fitteds, which require two layers, or even pockets, which require stuffing, putting on an all-in-one is exactly like putting on a disposable: great for daycares and babysitters who aren’t familiar with cloth.

5. Pockets and all-in-ones have lots of cute colors and pattern choices. There are a lot of cute covers for prefolds and fitteds, too, but some of my all-time favorite cloth diaper patterns are all-in-ones. Like this gumball pattern by rumparooz:

I don’t know exactly what brands Atlanta Diaper Service will be offering, but I’m guessing they’ll start with just Bum Genius. Also, to celebrate the event, Rachel is giving away a Bum Genius Elemental diaper! Share the giveaway or post a comment on her blog to enter.