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Yesterday my daughter and I were going through her old clothes so we can stop storing them because I’m sick of storing them. And our house has no storage space. So we were sorting them into clothes to donate, clothes to consign, and just a handful of clothes to keep in case we have another baby someday.

She wanted to keep everything. She kept insisting that the too-small clothes will still fit her. I kept insisting that size nine month clothes will not fit a four year old.

It would help my argument if this were actually true.

Unfortunately, thanks to the lack of standard sizes in the baby clothes industry, it’s not true at all.

Here’s my four year old in a size nine month onesie:


And here’s my almost four month old in a size nine month onesie:

These onesies are, obviously, different brands. They are not the same size at all.

They should be.

That is all.