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This past weekend, while my mother-in-law was in town, I got our room ready for the baby.

This is a big accomplishment on so many levels.

First, you have to realize that between our bedroom and the guest room, I’m pretty sure there were boxes I hadn’t unpacked since my husband and I got married. We kept moving to houses that either didn’t have room for whatever was in them (I still don’t know what was in some of them!) or to houses that had so much storage, it was easy to just stuff them in a closet or an attic and forget about them. Our new house, however, although it has lots of windows and beautiful high ceilings, has no storage space. We have lived in a 500-foot apartment with more storage space. So I decided it was time to finally get that stuff organized.

Mind you, I still have quite a few unpacked boxes. But I know what’s in most of them (the notebooks and books downstairs that I’ll put on shelves as soon as I get some), and there aren’t many of them (four are stacked into our tiny hall closet). I’m not completely moved in and organized yet. But I’m closer than I’ve been in about five years.

Second, I finally washed all the laundry. And I really do mean finally. There were boxes of laundry that I’d packed for moving when we came back from holiday travels in December and hadn’t unpacked since. That means I haven’t been caught up on laundry in almost a year. And the more pregnant I got, the more overwhelming the thought of folding laundry became. Lucky for me, my mother-in-law convinced me that she likes folding laundry. I’m sure she was just saying that to be nice, but hey, I wanted to believe her. Anyway, she folded almost all of mine. It was wonderful. Everything is clean and put away now. It’s an amazing feeling. And I am so glad to have finally found that maternity shirt I was looking for.

Finally, and best of all, I organized the diapers for the baby. Yes, I know I’m supposed to be the diaper-free lady, but I love diapers. And it’s not like I won’t use diapers–although I do plan to use them mostly as lap pads at first. But hey, why wash your clothes when you can just wash a prefold? Plus, practicing EC means dealing with diaper stuff a lot, especially for a newborn. I will be offering a lot of pee opportunities and changing a lot of lap pads. So I decided to create multiple diaper/potty stations.

Station one is by my bed, since hopefully I’ll get to stay in bed for a few days after the birth like I did last time. I decided to put the crib mattress in there as well, even though I don’t know how much I’ll use it, just in case I decide I want a separate sleeping surface for the baby (unlikely, but options are always good). The Amby is also in our bedroom, ready to be set up, but I’ll probably end up putting it in a different room (probably the playroom/office by the kitchen) and only using it for naps. Anyway, station one consists of the crib mattress with a waterproof mattress cover, a sheet, a fleece blanket and then a prefold on top, a baby bjorn little potty, and a basket of flat folds and covers. I mostly used newborn prefolds when Anastasia was a newborn, but I must have given them away, because I can’t find any of them. Flat folds are trimmer anyway. And they make me feel more like a diaper expert, since you actually do have to fold them. I used a basic triangle fold for now, because I didn’t feel like spending the time on the origami fold (although the latter is my favorite, mostly because of the name).

Station two is in the living room. We’ve had a potty station there for Anastasia for a while, because she’ll take herself if the potty is in the room but will beg to be carried if she has to go all the way to the bathroom (because, you know, she has to pee so bad that she can’t walk). So that station has the bigger baby bjorn potty, the changing mat, a basket of cloth wipes, toilet paper, a basket of diapers, and the lidded laundry can.

One thing is conspicuously absent from both locations (did you notice?): a way to clean hands. I have no delusions that I’ll ever actually, you know, walk all the way to the sink after changing or pottying the baby, but despite the fact that pee is sterile when it comes out, I do want to be able to clean my hands. The trouble is that I don’t want to use hand sanitizer. It kills too many germs. And since everything is right at floor level (intentionally, so it’s accessible for Anastasia as well), I don’t really want to leave alcohol-based sanitizer lying around anyway. So I’ve been trying to figure out an alternative portable hand cleansing method, probably something with vinegar and essential oil(s). If you know any good recipes, please share them!–I’ll post about it when I decide on something.

Now I just need two things to be ready for this baby: a vinyl waterproof cover for our adult mattress (I learned the hard way that the fancy “waterproof” covers aren’t) and my birth tub. Although I could certainly use more diapers. I had no idea what fancy diaper options existed when Anastasia was a newborn, and I used such cheap diapers. I’d love to try a few high-quality organic unbleached newborn indian prefolds. Just for fun.