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I know a lot of people who thought about using cloth diapers. Most of my friends probably at least considered cloth diapers. When they were pregnant, they started researching cloth diapers online. Because that’s what you do when you’re interested in something a little out of the mainstream like cloth diapers.

And that is when many people give up on cloth diapers.

Try it. Go on. Google “which cloth diapers are the best.” There are nine million results. And most of them (the top results, anyway) don’t even answer that question. They tell you why you should use cloth and what some of the different types of options are. But after about twenty minutes of reading about AIOs, OS, CPF, and AI2, you have every right to be confused.

Plus, lots of people have never seen a cloth diaper in person when they start trying to buy them. They have no idea how soft minky is, or what microfleece feels like, or how soft organic bamboo velour is. So even those who do manage to overcome the confusion and actually buy some diapers usually end up going through a lot of trial-and-error. They try a lot of different types of diapers and finally find one that works well for their family.

But you can avoid a lot of the trial-and-error if you can actually see diapers before you buy them.

Which is where a cloth diaper workshop comes in.

I started offering workshops when my daughter was about three months old. I wasn’t an expert yet at that point, but I was well on my way to having an obsession. Now I’m offering monthly workshops in Grant Park at Baby Love Atlanta consignment store. So if you’re thinking about cloth diapers but haven’t figured out what you want yet, you should come. Here’s why.

1. You can feel how soft cloth diapers are. If that doesn’t make you want some, I don’t know what will. I am not kidding when I tell you that I regularly rub the inside of cloth diapers against my cheeks. They’re so…fuzzy. And fluffy.

Yes, I know I’m weird.

2. You can learn how to do the origami fold with a flat diaper. Sure, you could learn that from YouTube. But wouldn’t you rather learn it in person? And anybody who can do the origami fold is automatically and instantly a cloth diaper expert.

3. You can see all the different options in one place. The choices are less overwhelming when you can see them spread out on a table.

4. You can ask questions. I’ll help you figure out your priorities (ease of use? cost? Quick drying?) and make decisions about what you want.

5. You can practice putting diapers on. With a doll, or even with your baby if you bring him.

6. You can drag your significant other along. I specialize in persuading partners that cloth diapers are a great idea.

7. You can see what diapers look like in person. How bulky are they really? What color options are there?

8. You can get personalized advice. We can talk through your goals for cloth diapering, and I’ll help you figure out what system will work best for you. I’ll also advise you on washing and caring for your diapers.

9. Your older child or toddler can come along (and have a blast). Baby Love’s workshop space is also a wonderful play space for kids. My four year old loves to come to workshops with me.

10. You can go home with a start on your stash. Although I don’t have a large selection of diapers for sale at workshops, all the diapers that I show are for sale, so you can buy a few while you’re there. Baby Love also accepts consigned cloth diapers. They have quite a few in stock right now, including several of my favorite brands, and you will not find a better price on secondhand diapers!

11. Bonus reason: you get to meet Teddy. Who is the cutest baby on the planet (except for yours, of course!).

Convinced yet? There’s a workshop next Thursday! Sign up here.