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Today is my birthday. So naturally, last night my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. (It truly doesn’t bother me that he asks me this at 10 pm the night before. We never do anything for each other’s birthdays, and neither of us cares. I always come up with great ideas for presents for his birthday, and he buys them for himself before I can buy them. And my birthday is so soon after Anastasia’s birthday, I never want to do anything for it because I’m still recovering from all the work of the last party.) But I couldn’t think of anything. Seriously. If I were still driving a car with no air conditioning like I was last summer, then I would want a new car. But I already got the car I want. So I really can’t think of anything I’d need.

There are a few thing, however, that every mom always wants. Here are mine.

1. To sleep on my stomach for at least two hours with no kids in the bed with me. I got that this morning! Yay! Well, actually it was more like fifteen minutes. But it felt like two hours. Time in bed is tripled when you get to lie in any position you want and no one is clawing at you or pulling your hair.

2. A clean house. I guess this could be a present. A pretty darn expensive one if we hired a house cleaning service, which I am probably going to do at some point. Not today though. I have to get the house organized first. I am, however, getting some help from a professional organizer. So I guess that counts as a present too.

Although what I’d really like is a robot that would fold the laundry for me from now till forever. I don’t think that exists. Whoever invents that will be rich.

3. A haircut. I really need a haircut. Getting a haircut is hard when you have kids, because you have to pay for a stylist and a babysitter. I almost took a pair of scissors to my head yesterday. Not so much because my hair was driving me crazy as because my daughter pulling it was driving me crazy. Same difference, right?

What I’d like to do is schedule a mom haircut party. I have a stylist who will come to my house and cut my hair. I can invite lots of friends over, and she can cut all of our hair while we all watch each others’ kids. Great idea, right? I could start a business organizing these.

And she can cut our kids’ hair too, which would be great since my daughter really did take a pair of scissors to her own head last week. She “needed” something to cut, and the couch was off limits. What can you do? A girl’s gotta use her scissors.

4. A trip to the bookstore by myself. And the ability to convince myself that I don’t have to use that time to work. I can’t remember the last time I just relaxed by myself at a bookstore. I would love to get a coffee and browse books and read and take all the time I wanted. I haven’t done that since my daughter was born. I guess I’ll get to when my kids are teenagers and can themselves enjoy browsing in a bookstore without needing supervision.

5. Time to work on my blog. I’m getting that! Yay! Hence the two blog posts today. Because it’s my birthday, and I deserve to inundate you with blog posts. Especially since I haven’t posted in a week and a half, thanks to spring break last week.

Wow. Not bad. I’ve already gotten almost everything I want for my birthday. Now I just need to schedule that haircut.