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For many families, the hardest part about cloth diapers is figuring out what kind to use. The next hardest part is figuring out where to get them. There are very few places in Atlanta where you can go and buy cloth diapers in person, and unless you’re familiar with all the types of cloth diapers on the market, buying online is, well, confusing, to put it mildly. More accurately, it’s a bewildering morass of conflicting opinions, overwhelming options, and puzzling acronyms like “AIOs” and “OS pockets.”

What you really need, if you’re in the market for cloth diapers, is an expert to help you figure out the best solution for you. Preferably an expert who has diapers you can look at and touch so you can see which ones you’d really like to buy. That’s why I offer cloth diaper workshops–so other families can have the help I wished I could find when I was pregnant the first time. But if a workshop doesn’t seem like the best solution for you, there are other places you can buy cloth diapers in Atlanta. Here are some of the best.

1. Find the cloth diaper workshop nearest you. If you’re intown, it’s probably one of mine (and you can schedule one with me if none of my currently scheduled ones are convenient for you.) If you’re outside of the city, there’s probably a Natural Parenting representative near you who can help you.

2. New Baby Products is a brick-and-mortar store in that carries a small selection of cloth diapers (Bambino Mio, Fuzzi Bunz, and BumGenius). If you really want to be able to walk into a store and browse the cloth diaper selection, this is one of the few places in Atlanta where you can do that.

3. Baby Love Consignment Store usually has used cloth diapers for sale and is planning to expand as a retailer for new cloth diapers as well.

4. Natural Parenting Atlanta and Frog and Elephant are both web-only stores owned and operated by Atlanta moms. Both have a broad selection of cloth diapers.

5. Whole Foods, Target, and Babies R Us all occasionally carry cloth diapers. Target and Babies R Us both carry Gerber prefolds, although I don’t really recommend those–there are much better options.