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I guess it makes sense that my latest obsession with simple diapering systems (i.e., flat diapers) would also lead to an obsession with wool covers.

I never used wool covers with my daughter. I was intimidated by the whole wash routine (what exactly is lanolin, and where do you get it? can this be dried in the dryer or not?), and anyway, buying wool covers is incredibly expensive. But that was only because I didn’t know about recycled sweater diaper covers.

There are many patterns online for making these, most of them ridiculously easy (read: two or three seams required). And since I got a sewing machine for Christmas (isn’t my husband nice?–like getting a baby wasn’t enough of a present!), these are projects that even I can handle.

So I’ve been meaning to make a trip to the thrift store, and today on the way home from my midwife appointment, I couldn’t resist. Fifteen minutes and thirteen dollars later, I walked out with these:

I think I could easily make all the covers I’d ever need from four sweaters. All of them are at least 87% wool, and they’re all thinner than most wool sweaters–I figure Teddy won’t need the thick warmth of wool most of the year here in Georgia. One of them has pink, but the stripes were so cute I couldn’t resist, and hey, there’s no reason why boys can’t wear a little pink.

In the meantime, right now the sweaters are in the wash for felting, and hopefully tonight I’ll get to find out if my sewing skills are up to the task. I’m sure I can manage two or three seams…whether they’ll be straight or not is the question.