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you are mom enough

On May 11, TIME Magazine challenged us with the question, Are you mom enough?

But breastfeeding — whether for a few days or a few years — doesn’t make you more of a mom.

It just makes you a mom with busy boobs.

Bottle feeding doesn’t make you more of a mom either.

It just makes you a mom with a busy dishwasher.

If you believe that every mom deserves support, love, and encouragement — no matter if she breastfeeds or bottle-feeds, cosleeps or uses a crib, wears her baby or uses a bouncy seat, uses cloth or disposable diapers — then join us. Because you are mom enough.

What is the You Are Mom Enough Rally? On Sunday, May 20, you’re invited to join us at a “feed-in.” Like the “nurse-ins” that have been staged across the country to raise awareness about breastfeeding, we’ll come together in a public place to feed our babies. But the difference is that our rally won’t just include breastfeeding moms. It will include exclusive formula feeders, extended breastfeeders, combination-fed babies who eat both breast milk and formula, babies who have eaten donated breast milk from other mothers, and even cross-nursing babies who have been breastfed by other moms.

Why are we doing this? We want to demonstrate our support for all mothers, no matter our feeding choices or parenting styles.

When and where is the rally? Sunday, May 20, from 11 am to 1 pm at Centennial Olympic Park. Feel free to come late or leave early.

What will happen at the rally? We’ll feed our kids. Some of us will breastfeed preschoolers. Some of us will bottle-feed infants. Some of us will even feed each other’s babies. A few of us may carry signs that say things like “No More Mommy Wars.” Oh, and we’ll bring picnic lunches for the grown-ups, too. Mostly, we’ll all have the chance — at least this once — to feed our babies and know that no one is judging us. No one will give you a look for mixing a bottle. No one will bat an eye at you for pulling out a boob. We won’t care. We trust you to do what’s best for your family. Period.

Planning to come? RSVP to our Facebook event! No RSVP is necessary, but if you know you want to come, then help us build excitement by telling everyone you’ll be there!

Who are we? We’re a group of friends who are moms with a lot of different parenting styles. We don’t have time to wonder which labels other moms in the group fit into. We’re too busy venting, encouraging, asking questions, sharing knowledge, and throwing wine-and-cupcake parties.

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See our press release: You Are Mom Enough Press Release